Google and Yahoo DMARC Requirements!

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Google and Yahoo recently announced stringent requirements for bulk senders, mandating the implementation of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) beginning February 1, 2024. 

Who is Affected?

If you are a bulk sender, dispatching 5,000 messages a day or more to either Google or Yahoo, your email domain must have a DMARC policy in place. This includes messages sent on behalf of your organization by third-party Email Service Providers (ESPs) such as Constant Contact and MailChimp. Even if you host your domain on Google Workspace, your internal message volume may contribute towards this daily limit.


Why is this Happening?

Google and Yahoo are prioritizing email safety and security by requiring DMARC implementation. This move aims to curb unwanted spam and potential threats, ensuring a safer and more secure email environment for their users. Additionally, sending from a domain with DMARC in place enhances inbox placement, marking you as a sender committed to adhering to established email standards and reducing spam liability.

Technical Requirements:

For those sending over 5,000 emails daily to major mailbox providers, implementing a DMARC policy in your DNS is mandatory. While a monitor-mode policy (p=none) suffices for Google and Yahoo, embracing this is just the first step towards maximizing security controls.

Can we help?:

With our comprehensive guide and technical expertise, ensuring DMARC compliance becomes a seamless process. Stay ahead of the curve, secure your email infrastructure. Contact us for assistance.



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